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Crash! Silence of the Falling Purposes!

Poetry allows the release of my innermost feelings. Let me explain by painting a picture in your mind with words!

I didn't mean to say that!

I didn't mean to say that!

Crash! Silence of the Falling Purposes!

I'm falling again like a tree crashing down amid the forest

No one see's it, can't fathom what silence it brings

It thrusts me into another direction that eludes me

When I say things that I don't mean during the heights of despair

They leave my mouth, and the words get stuck without repair

Words are spoken, the heart then shatters

I grasp my tongue, but the words only clatter!

Is that me? I truly didn't mean to say that!

It's all jumbled up inside my chest like a heart attack!

I'm drowning in the travesty that is created from within

I try my hardest to keep "in check" but reality doesn't win

Emotions soar like an eagle in flight, gliding against the tide

It takes me to un-empowerment killing me deep inside



I already feel bad enough - don't need no hangman's noose

To remind me of how my words sound or how they are used

I'm defeated in my mindset, confused at what thinking brings

I used to be so careful then the mental issues swing

I don't want to live like this, and I don't expect you to either

Words they cut like a sword when the heater gets heated

Douse the fumes, throw away the switch! Think before you speak

That's easier to be "written" than spoken, it doesn't mean your weak!

Reverse the tide, but then again that's only half of it!

© 2021 Donna Rayne

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