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Oh No! I Didn't Mean to Say That!

Donna Rayne is a life-long author of beautiful poetry. She gets her inspiration from the love she cherishes from God.

About this Poem

In life I know that we say things and then regret after those words leave the mouth. I said a few things to someone and after I said them, I felt so bad. Of course, I said that I was sorry, but those words kept drowning my mind repeatedly until I couldn't think. So, I authored this poem and then I felt somewhat better. The person forgave me that I wronged which is always a relief. I had to learn to forgive myself and in time with prayer and talking things over. I did forgive me.

Moral of the poem- honestly think before you speak because words cut deeper than a knife!

Oh No! I Didn't Mean to Say That!

I'm falling like a forest

crashing down amid the trees

No one can hear my heart

or if it continues to beat

It thrusts me deep into a new direction

I know I shouldn’t have let all my feelings show

But words are spoken

causing the heart to shatter

I grasp my tongue

but somehow it doesn't matter

Is that me?

Did I say those things?

I truly didn't mean to say that!

I'm drowning here in this travesty

that's created from within

I try my hardest to keep my thoughts "in check"

but reality doesn't always win

Emotions soar like eagles in flight

gliding against the tide

It takes me to un-chartered territory

now it's killing me deep inside

I already feel bad enough

don't need no hangman's noose

To remind me of how my words sound

or how they are used

I'm defeated in my own mindset

confused at what all this thinking brings

I used to be so careful

then the emotional pendulum swings

I don't want to live like this

and I don't expect you to either

Words they cut like a sword

So, choose your words before you speak

That's easier said than done

but it doesn't mean that you're weak

Is there no end in sight?

or what daylight brings?

Tomorrow is another day

a chance for new beginnings

If only our words were filtered out

Before they left our mouths to speak!

Reverse the tide...

© 2021 Donna Rayne

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