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The Cradle, the Swing and the Course of Our Existence


The Cradle And The Swing

"You are so lucky!",
Said the cradle to the swing.
"You have now, what I loved.
I miss those baby cries and giggles
I miss those moments all above."

The swing thought for a while,
And said to the cradle,
"Do not be sad my dear!
I know you miss the swaddle and cuddle,
I know getting lonely is what you fear.
Distance is a part of growth,
And sometimes you need to let go.
So my dear, do not fear,
'Cos the baby is in good hands for sure.
The baby, now, is a boy you see,
And I can show him amazing things.
Through me, he can touch the sky above,
As if he has his own wings."

Years passed by and the swing told the cradle,
"Hey! Do you know what has happened?
The boy is a grown up man today,
and doesn't that make me gladdened!
I believe he has tied the knot,
And you'll have company soon!
Just like the old times sake,
'Cos you've been in a long break,
It'll be good for you, I assume."

Not far from them was the rocking chair,
Tired of being bored.
It smiled and said, "its my time now,
'Cos soon, the baby is gonna grow old.
For it is the life going on in a circle,
And a full circle it must be."

The tomb from the graveyard not too far
smirked, "Oh yes! Next it's gonna be me!"

Farah N Huq

We are all connected in the great Circle of Life…


© 2020 Farah N Huq

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