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Cowboy Poetry - Barn Swallow Bird

Dane and I were dimwitted and two of a kind – it didn’t much shock folks that we were brothers.


Barn Swallow Bird

My grand pappy use to say, “Don’t mess with something that ain’t bothering you.”
At 17 – I knew more than that tired old man – as it turns out I didn’t have one darn clue.

Driving my Chevy truck down an old dirt trail – when my brother Dane had a wise ponder,
With a shit eating grin and pointing, “Kurt, you see that barn swallow bird out yonder?’

Following his finger pointer I saw a barn swallow sitting on top of – the far bar ditch,
That darn bird seemed tougher than most as we barreled down the road – he didn’t even twitch.

Dane slapped the seat and the dust started to rise, “Bet you can’t hit the bird there for – a dollar?”
Grinning as the dusty speedometer was doing 85, “Sure as hell – I will take that bet!” – I holler!

Now I will freely admit Dane and I were young and always seemed to kick the freshest turd,
But, the dare was on and for a shiny dollar and I was going to run down that barn swallow bird.

We all have a piece of crazy in us – it would seem Dane and my pieces were bigger than others,
Dane and I were dimwitted and two of a kind – it didn’t much shock folks that we were brothers.

Taking aim that old Chevy went into the air as we left the road at the top of the dusty bar ditch,
Clouds and forever blue sky, was all we could see until that old Chevy in midair did a sudden half pitch.

The hot summer air sang us a song and a feisty tune as it squirted through the side window vents,
As we started a downward spiral toward the dusty bar ditch when we were no longer heaven sent.

Tires popped loose -windshield became shattered glass with the sudden meeting of the ground,
Then came the sound of hissing as the radiator burst sending out a steamy cloudy mist all around.

Wide eyed, and fist bumping through the mist Dane and I thanked the Lord we hadn’t died,
Grinning like a couple of jack asses eating cactus we stuttered, “That was one hell of a ride!”

Looking forward with jack-a-lantern grins toward my busted and banged up Chevy truck hood,
Our smile turned to frowns – still alive and all defiant was where that barn swallow bird stood.
Kurt James


© 2017 Kurt James

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