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An Ode To Covid Idiocracies

The author, a doctor by profession, reflects her own frustrations related to the Covid-19 pandemic.

During the 2020 pandemic of Covid-19 infection, people all around the world faced certain common problems. The poem depicts a few such idiotic accounts that were witnessed worldwide.


An Ode to Covid Idiocrasies

Rising death toll's the talk of the town
While mother earth is on a lock down.
Yet people in the world are roaming around
Like impeccable fools and perfect clowns!

With eyes on the internet round the clock,
To hear blathering speeches that puts all in a shock!
Amazed and amused by such laughing stock,
Who can scarcely think and barely talk!

Whilst the medical crew's going fearless,
Trying to clear the deadly mess,
Taking on their shoulders the entire stress,
Superheroes-they are; please do confess!

But despite their efforts to check casualties
And people sharing with charities,
Sadly, what's ruining it all are the fallacies!
So, here's to witnessing covid idiocrasies!

Farah N Huq


© 2020 Farah N Huq

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