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Courageous Woman

These are one of the poems for my new book Courage is Magic and it’s called Courageous Woman

Courageous Woman

You ever seen a woman smile while breaking down in tears ?

I have

You ever known a woman to be down to her lowest but standing strong ?

I do

I know her

I am her

I’ve looked in the mirror and I’ve seen those tears she’s shed

I’ve felt her pain inside and out

I am her

I wear many scars

I have taken many beatings

I’ve been called the horrible unforgivable names

But I’m still here

I’m that courageous woman

Who doesn’t have to worry about the devil

Because I know my God

And I know he fights for me

I am strong

You don’t know me or what I can do

I am fierce...Savage

I am mystical...spiritual

I am strong...powerful

I am blissful

My soul is indestructible

I am a courageous Woman

© 2021 Sharlene Draft