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Counting Five Leaf Clovers - A Love Poem

I have been writing poetry, fiction and short stories for many years and have completed a book of poems. I also enjoy comedy writing.

Lucky 5 Leaf Clover

Lucky 5 Leaf Clover

She loves me, she loves me not,

She loves me, she loves me not

She loves me.

Does she? How will I really know?

Will she be mine forever, through good and bad even when we grow old?

Will she be true to me, even when I get deployed?

When I come back, will she still be mine, even when half of me is destroyed?

Here you go my love, a special clover just for you.

It tells me that you love me, but tell me, do you?

How will I go on living if you say no?

Where will my heart turn to if your love decides to go?

When you are with me, the celestial bodies have no light

Our spirit, our soul connects just right

No darling, don’t cry, each tear drop from your eyes melts my fluttering heart

When we make love and you whisper my name it is like an angel playing a golden harp

Such tenderness, were you an angel in your past life?

I do hope this ring symbolizes that I dearly want you to be my wife

Come, I will be your protector, your mentor, the person who will not let you down

Love calls our names, stop, and listen to the sounds

As I held her hands she gazed upon me with a comforting smile

I placed my hand upon her bosom, felt her heart beat and then I cried

When your heart stops beating, so will mine

When your lungs stop breathing, so will mine

You are my angel, my love, my sunshine

She kissed me gently, and placed her head on my chest

The clovers were right, she loves me. Now it is pure joy and happiness

© 2017 Clive Williams