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Could We Be Thinking The Same Thought Right Now ?

I Hope So

In this vast world of ours

We see people from all walks of life

Every day is different

Our thoughts fly through the sky

Each transformed into a kite

Every kite hand painted in the most beautiful colors

Expressing each persons personal style and tastes

Their beliefs and their most creative ideas

These kites have a special helium

That never runs out

So each kite can fly for eternity

The cool thing is constantly these kites collide

Causing each separate idea to blend with another

As the ideas grow bigger the kites grow larger and larger

All you have to do

Is look up in the sky at anytime of the day

You can see wonderful ideas coming your way

We all share constantly

Each kite looks like it's on auto pilot

Flying free of another

Then sometimes kites fly in groups or some leave

Only to come back at a later date

The kites have been known to travel all over the world

There are no language barriers

They speak the language of peace and prosperity

So I close my eyes and wonder how many kites I have launched

Because each idea is a new kite

It is not unheard of to send ten kites out in one day

They are for everyone to look at and appreciate

I have seen kites connect end to end for miles

Now that is a sight I will never forget

I have also seen kites start from the earth all the way into the heavens

There are no boundaries

A kite can go where ever it pleases

It can change it's mind at anytime

As I look up into the sky

Thousands of kites are floating everywhere

Wherever I look

I see kites and more kites

The most incredible site

I will go back to an earlier question

Are you are thinking the same idea that I have been thinking

Then we have twin kites

What if you had this idea many years ago

Now I think the same way

How great will that be

One kite over twenty years old finding it's soul mate

How incredible is that

Were you thinking the other day

I wonder if there is a kite out there for me

Well the good news is

Our ancestors where really pretty smart

Our kites are part of our evolution

Each kite holds part of our D,N.A.

Far more than we can see with our eyes

What we are made of

Kites have changed society forever

We can never go back to the way it was

We can see a stream of ideas floating

Hovering right in front of us

They do what people on earth couldn't

They take all our differences and appreciate them

For they will bring

All our fabulous ideas together

Once and for all

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