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Cosmic Supercluster


Cosmic Superstar

Do not allow temporary emotions
to make permanent choices for you!
fear, anger, greed, need and lust
are always preparing to ambush
the simple and vain minds

Befriend fear, as it can become the
mind killer
trace it's path, as it enters your mind
and leaves nothing behind
when fear leaves, only you remain

Be aware of your rage and anger
it turns you into a stranger
check yourself, as they say,
before you wreck yourself
a well tempered soul, a level head
are like a lotus flower even in the
fiery depths of hell

Give deep thought to your needs
what is it that your soul truly seeks?
Is it money, power, influence? Pay heed
to the whispers of your inner doctor
and give up on all this acquisition, this greed

What do you desire?
the fiery passions of love
also dull as time passes
all the things you think you want,
that guide you headlong into
so many sleepless nights,
are not the food your soul is craving
so start behaving

Take ownership of your thoughts,
dreams, your feelings, and urges
put away your books, TV, and music
and give yourself some alone time
take your mind to task
or it will turn you dumb and blind
unable to life in harmony

You don't "only" live once
that is a lie, you die once,
and you live for all eternity
you don't have to be a guru
just look within with sincerity

Be the captain of your own ship
and guide it along the oceans
of your own choosing without losing
all the precious things that make you
unique, a once in a life time gem
a cosmic supercluster

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