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Coronavirus Prevents Him from Renewing His Covenant #2

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...

Isolation Center in Nigeria

Isolation Center in Nigeria

He needs to keep his position in the society he tells himself,

It is better not to have something than having a thing and losing it

He reasoned within himself, he has gotten to this position now and

He needs to give it all it takes to maintain the status. The day he

Plans to leave for the place, he was tested by the health personnel for

The coronavirus and his test comes out positive. When this happens

He was not allowed to leave the place as he was moved to the

Isolation center. His family members were also tested for the virus

And they all came positive which leaves no person within his family

To run the errand for him. That was how he missed renewing his

Covenant with the gods of the elites of the island. He would not know

What the decision of the gods who have blessed him and put him

Among the elites of the island would be, for he was thinking they

Ought to understand with him after all they know that there is pandemic

All over the globe, the world is in distress and turmoil now. One of

The leadership of the elite group visited him and told him that he

Must be sure that there would be negative consequences for his failure

To renew his covenant because gods would not accept excuses for

Failure to renew his covenant with them, that was part of the

Agreement he signed. He was able to pull through at the isolation

Center and was discharged after forty days there. His family

Members too after several tests were found negative to the

Coronavirus and were discharged. However the first thing he notices

After getting out of the isolation center was that his name was found

Missing among the rich people of the island. This happens because

When he and his family members were in the isolation center his

Companies losses were in millions. The group of the elite which he

A Life of Regrets (An Original Chester See Song)

Belongs, which he has become one of the forces to reckon with,

His name has been removed from the decision-making body and has

Been replaced with someone else. While he was thinking that he would

Be able to make things up, the lockdown persists and his stock and

Shares continue to plummet before his eyes. Goods he has ordered for

From overseas countries, his ship could not leave the harbor. What

Happened to him makes his blood pressure to rise, and he falls

Down in his toilet hitting his head on the bathing basing and developed

Stroke. What happened to him he considers too much to bear, though

His wife and children were encouraging him that if there is life

There is still some iota of hope, but he was not thinking of that, for

He considers death to living. The leader of the group when he sees

Him told him that he has told him that there would be negative

Consequences for what he did, and because he has become paralyzed

Now, he cannot be admitted into the group again for the group is

Not meant for those who have stroke and other disabilities, anyone

Who develops such is usually ostracized from their midst. After he

Heard this then he remembered what the person who introduced him to

The man says for been the reason for not wanting to be a member of

Such groups, he says there would always be a period when he will not be

Able to renew the covenant if the covenant is bearable and then one would

Have incurred the demonic wrath on oneself, it is what God does that is

Good what idols do usually have negative consequences he told him. He

Sheds tears as he remembers this now, but it was rather too late….


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