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Coronavirus Prevents Him From Renewing His Covenant #1


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He wants power at all cost for he wants to

Be among the elites in his island. Belonging to

The class of the elite is not an easy task he was

Told by someone that he needs to contact those

Who own the world. He was surprised to hear that,

While looking puzzled of what he has heard, for

Neither knows of such nor known people like that

The person who was talking to him tell him about a

Group which he considers are those who own the

World belongs to. The man also knows this because

He has been contacted by a member of the group that

He wants to introduce him to the group that will turn

His fate around, make him somebody in the world

What he needs to do is join the group. His local findings

About the group and similar groups like that show that

They have secret things they use to demand from

Anyone who wants to join the group. Their demands

From individuals vary, depending on what they read

From the person’s stars. He has declined to join the

Group desiring to live a quiet life than pushing his way

Through to get things done. But when discussing with him

And he says he wishes to belong to the class of the elites

In their island, he decides to tell him what is enmeshed in what

He desires for. After telling him, the man says he does not

Mind, he is desperate and can do anything to get such

Done. Having said that, he introduced him to the man who

Had talked with him previously. The man introduced

Him to the group and what his star requires as his

Covenanted offering whenever his year turns over is

The ancient money of the island. This money would be

Required of him every year, but the amount he would

Be paying would also vary. The requirement was simple

Than he had thought, and he is ready to do it. His year

Starts around April and was usually ready to give the

Ancient island’s money at their demand. It has been over a

Decade that he has joined the group now and his fame has

Been on the rise within and outside the island. He is now

Among the crème-de-la-crème of his island. The time for the

Renewal is getting close then coronavirus pandemic starts.

Lockdown has been declared by the leaderships of the island

However the spirits of the gods have been reminding him that the

Time when he will renew his covenant is drawing near and have

Told him what they needed from him that year. He has been

Thinking that the lockdown would not be long, but things turn the

Other way around as the lockdown was not eased. As one of the

Elites in the society, he used his influence to maneuver his

Way within the island, but on getting to the person who used to

Get him the ancient types of money, he was told that the person

Has contacted the infection and is in the isolation center.

He cannot be seen. With his influence, he was able to reach

Him. The man directed him to another place, and where he was

Directed to was extremely far, ordinary person cannot easily

Get to the place. As one of the elites in the society he was able

To beat the security operatives to it, getting a pass to go there.

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