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I'm a caregiver and an artist. I received high honors in creative writing, fine arts, and sculpture at Montserrat College of Art.




Hi everyone I hope your all healthy and have supplies. I'm doing fine and I'm not sick. Knock on wood. I've been camping out at home with the family, like most of you. I'm hoping to avoid this sickness. I have asthma so it wouldn't be the greatest if I got the virus. I wrote 3 light-hearted poems that may, or may not give you a chuckle. I hope that everyone enjoys them. Please stay safe out there.

The Corona-Munchies

Coronavirus madness is spreading everywhere. Don't cover your eyes, you need to be prepared.

You say you're not worried and your feeling really great. But you better hit the stores, before there's nothing on the plate.

You may not get sick, but the virus still plays its tricks.

Yes, you may be feeling fine, but other people have lost their minds.

You'll go to the store to buy some food, but lo and behold you see something rude.

All you needed was a little red meat and toilet paper, but you just find empty shelves; oh, what a caper!

You leave the store with nothing but stress on your mind. "How in the world will I wipe my behind?"

Your stomach is grumbling the cupboards now bare. Even worse yet, there's not a scrap for your rear.

I guess it doesn't matter there's nothing to come out. You haven't eaten in days, it's like a food drought.

You turn on the TV, to see the good word. They're talking about the virus and it's getting absurd.

The news says to stay in, but they're not a drop of food. You can try to order stuff online, but basically, you're screwed.

Toilet paper gouging

I'm locked in the house and I'm not sick a bit. Well, maybe just a little, but that's because I got to lit.

I have no supplies. I wasn't prepared. For the greed that would bestow us, the worse is now feared.

Some people are as bad as the virus itself. When the time came to help one another, they ravished shop's shelves.

They hoarded the goods and sold them for a profit.

"Oh, what a world!"
"People please stop it!"

They gobbled up supplies quick as a wink. Like the Grinch That Stole Christmas, oh, what a fink!

The virus is bad, but I wonder what's worse? Would you let your neighbor suffer, just to fill up your purse?

If the virus doesn't get me, the people sure will. Their greed is amazing, it'll give you the chills.

You say lighten up? Well, give me a break. Last night I was tempted to eat a fake cake!

I Hope It's Not The Coronavirus

I reach blindly towards my nightstand looking for a bottle of water, but it just crunches with emptiness in my hand.

I'm awake my throat is raw and dry.

Its 3 am my head is pounding, my eyes are watering.

My nose like a leaky faucet, dripping and annoying.

I move to go to the bathroom to take a leak, but the only thing flowing is my nose.

It runs down my face as if some little man was messing around up there and turn on the pipes.

I throw my head back and run for some tissue:


Oh no, I'm sick.

© 2020 Jason Nicolosi

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