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Corona - A Pandemic

In the name of corona,there is fear prevails in all.

Today the whole world,no matter which country it is ,is plagued by it all.

As much as corona has effected our lives, hardly any disease has effected us any more.

To understand our thinking as if understanding is over.An atmosphere of fear has formed around us.

Lockdown has taken hold of our world.

It seems that the sun,moon,earth,sky, constellation have all stabilized.Every thing has stopped.

Life seems boring. But to save lives, it's necessary to take this step.

Admittedly, it's going to have social, economic, psychological, effect in our life for a long time.

But,along with other measures it is also very important to follow it .

The scientists of the country and abroad are working hard day and night to save our lives.

So any vaccine, medicine can be made.

Some vaccine are made,some are being made.

Some people have been given vaccine.

It has also had positive effect.

Until a complete solution is found. Until then,two yards away, the mask is necessary .

It is good to adopt this formula.

Obviously, lockdown has brought desperation and disappointment in our lives.

But,this time,too. We have to fight firmly .It is important to be patient in life.

As every bad time passes. Similarly,this time will also pass.

There is definitely morning after every night.

Spring definitely comes after autumn .

Poornima definitely comes after every Amavasya.

Similarly, this bad time will be gone.

Happiness Will come again in our life,then new spring will come.

The fear of lockdown,we have to get out of our lives.

We have to live life again. Like we used to live life earlier.

The fear of lockdown should not be allowed to wander around us either.

Have fun staying at home and enjoy life.

Talk to your loved ones.give them plenty of time and love. Until now, which you could not give due to lack of time.

Fill that gap,at this time.

Give the family all the happiness,it deserves.

But,we could not give him that time and happiness for any reason.

This is the time. When,we give them the gift of happiness in our life.

You will see, this time will also pass happily.

We scientists, doctors, nurses, policeman, volunteers, social worker, people around us,who have put their lives at stake day and night,for the sake of our safety by risking their lives.

So that we are safe.

We should thank them wholeheartedly.

Whatever,our vaccines, medicines, financial needs and living conditions have helped.

Leave it all to that God.

That in itself will also make it easier for difficult times.

We should strive to live life patiently till then.

Forget what you have lost,how much you have lost.

Circumstances will suit you.

The financial situation will be restored.the job will be found again.socially, emotionally we will be reunited.everything which we have lost.

Who have lost their loved ones. He will never come back. Only his memories will be with us.

For those people,we should pray to God.

Oh God,place them at your feet.

Grant them peace and liberation.

There is no one greater than that God the father.

In this difficult time,only God will support us.

Leave it all to that God,and enjoy life.

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