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Cope: The Battle

I have suffered with anxiety all of my life. I, now, help clients with theirs.

The battle of anxiety running through me,

Telling me how things should be.

I am doing the best I can.

Coping, and continuing to stand.

I am told, “I am not mad at you.”

Saying, “I know, I suffer from anxiety, just like you.”

You sweat the small stuff, and the big.

Deeper and deeper into your heart, you dig.

You try to tell yourself, “you don't care.”

You blame yourself when no one's there.

You easily reach out to others in their despair.

Be true to yourself. You do care.

Cut yourself some slack:

“You are only one person.

You cannot be two.”

“You reach out to others, just like you.”

“Your plans may not be God's plans for you.”

“Sometimes there is just nothing else you can do.”

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