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Awesome Poetry



A high note is beautifully crafted

into the air

Dancing on walls of heaven

Seeding a path to

Forever in a moment

The Soprano in the room

A Piano at her fingertips

Pouring into the next note

Her high

Uniquely dissolving into

the center stage

A Stranger

She has been a stranger in this

Land for far too long

She wandered for a while

Bush to harbor

Taking pictures of her journey

Through pond and lake

Befriending foes and real


If only she could organize

The chaotic aspect of her life

whole days spent housekeeping

and playing midwife

Her pain speechless

It wasn't about freedom anymore

Just survival.


A soldier waits for permission

as he moves through rough terrain

Swinging his riffle back and forth like

Like a clanging to the back of a rowboat

His nature is like the wind

Tossed to and from

each angle

Shots fired at enemy combatants

He is history

A memory

A mother's loss

in triumph

and bravery

The house on Fourth Street

A house lurks in the distance

Sunny James lives here with his three sisters

All nurses by profession

The living room smelled of candles

an apple scent near the purple lamp

where books are stacked

Sunny room is small as well as his younger sister

They love dinner where grand ideas are discussed and bake chicken and

collard greens are consumed

The evening is a pass time

of laughter and reasoning

Thanksgiving is a week away

Sunny favorite time of the year.

The house on Fourth street

His neighbors often visit during

the holidays to bring good cheer


The fig leaves give its beauty

Green, orange and brown blossoms

The air is filled with scents

Of oak and rain

The wonderful squirrels leap

up trees

Looking for food

as the day turns into



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