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Cool Haiku Poems


My honest take on traditional haiku. I wanted to capture to true essence of nature and its profound beauty.

Haiku is wonderful art form. It allows a poet to create something new and unexpected. Here my cool nature poems.


A field of poppy's

A thousand wishes heard

Destiny and chance

Purple Finches

Purple Finches feast

Winter apple trees glows

Above yellow house

A Caterpillar

A caterpillar

On a small tapering log

Moon in the distance

Spring Fruits

Scent of oranges

Garden full of spring fruits

Man walking barefoot


Bright teachings of light

Showed him a fierce winter's hand

And red autumn's pain


Idyllic dawning

A chilean, flamingo

at the old cherrys


Unfriendly coastline

A giant, little snail squeaks

into the apple


Torrential rain falls

On Mercedes car window

Woman in distress

Meticulous Girl

Meticulous girl

Playing with autumn leaves as

Tarantula crawls

Black Cherries

Black Cherries hang

Spring wind lurking quietly

Its voice startles trees

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