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I am a writer and Teacher. I love to write. This short poem is about conversion...



Thorn wire fence is broken,

Conch in the sky,

Free wing is arrogant,

Today he is relentless,

He is tireless.

The light of dreams comes to scorched.

The touch of the rain disappears,

Smiles are more than destiny.

The scenery just changes,

With new light of new dawn.

New cries...

Rising from the ashes,

Will wake up…

And break the closed door today.

Birds are flying with wings,

The aim is fixed in both eyes,

Enemies are all stopped.

There were arrows running,

There may be a spine.

There is no strength in the collar,

The fist is the stiff and get up,

The new dawn will come again…

© 2021 Dipankar Mondal

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