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Conversation With Myself

Jusmi is an English teacher. Obtained her Masters in English literature from Gauhati University India shares an immense love for writing.

One day picking up my coffee mug,

Sitting on the steps of my wooden cottage.

Staring at the wide blue sky.

I wondered who was I ?

Am I someone with unfulfilled dreams?

Am I someone with a tormenting soul ?

Or am I someone who the World thinks me to be .

I needed to have a conversation with myself.

To explore more about the soul that I was.

My soul answered back that day for the first time after an eternity.

I kept mum and only listened.

Along with the coffee I could sip on the beautiful discovery about myself.

The villain called “Time” had robbed me of my own self.

It had made a puppet out of me.

I was running here and there to find myself.

But, the conversation today.

Marked a hold on me to be free.