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Contrasting Styles of Poetry

Manatita is an esteemed author living in London, UK. He writes spiritual books, flash fiction and esoteric poetry, his favourite genre.

Life's Struggle

In life's struggle, joy is followed by pain, just as Light is followed by darkness. We cannot have a valley without knowing the mountain and heat will surely be followed by cold, just as summer will follow this winter.

We watch the sun set, knowing that once the night sets in and is gone, the dawn will refresh our awakening Spirit and life will continue anew.

The Law of Duality is binding, answering only to the call of Love and the oneness of the psychic Heart, the Universal Heart. These two poems reflect the beauty of the Heart and the necessary struggle in this game called life. No judgement here. This is just the way it is.

Poetry goes through a similar contrast, from despair to joy; ugliness to beauty; romance to the crude and other variations. Hari Om!

A Poetess. Roman Art

A Poetess. Roman Art

Ode to a Poetess. A free-style Sonnet

She stood poised, emitting peerless verses from her lips,

Like melodies, taken from the rhythmical cadences of the soul.

Bars – not chocolates – but musical scores and scrolls

Flowed through her, her shine reaching for the moonlight.

Yet the moon was her fragrant breath, opening like tulips,

A tempo of eloquent words, tracing fire in the veins of poetry

Lovers, exploding a thousand rhapsodies in their being.

Sweet Becksy, goddess Saraswati laced your tongue with wine,

Igniting the drunken sweetness in my Spirit. I looked at the attentive

Gaze of poets around you, a vortex of Love, streaming

Through their psyche, imbibing the magical allure of your

Enchanting Floatry, now dancing in their core. My Heart

Glints like magnets, tugging at the sweetness of your lyrical psalms,

Only to wash my soul with tears; paying homage to the Light Divine.

Manatita, The Lantern Carrier. 3rd December, 2019

Saraswati, goddess of wisdom, knowledge, music, learning and the arts


Trapped in the Grip of Uncomely Desires. A Regular Sonnet

Trapped in the grip of uncomely desires,

Darkness has covered the joys of my soul.

For money and fame, my mind doth aspires,

Problems a plenty; I’ve now lost control.

I once walked through spring, with one thousand eyes,

Danced with the dahlias, amidst grazing herds.

While Nightingales sang, some sweet lullaby’s;

The moon was my lute, of magical birds.

Gone now is the whisper of mulberry streams,

The flute of the Heart; the things I held dear.

Replaced by the pangs of sorrowful dreams,

Pain and resentment; the things that I fear.

When shall I escape this abysmal plight,

For my na-tur-al Home of golden Light?

Manatita, The Lantern Carrier. 30th November 2019


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