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The War Continues

Live to write, writing to live. Do good by being good at it. Love concurs all.

If you can not forgive, you can not be forgiven.

The war continues

I don't know how to fix us. We drift further apart. Since there is no forgiveness,
We continue to war.

There is freedom when you can let the past go.
You can be happy.
We can then begin to grow.
You can have peace within your heart.

You don't want to forgive or else you would have by now.
You prefer to have ought against me, you would rather this be endless.

I stayed to wait on forgiveness, but forgiveness takes her time.

Meanwhile the war continues.

Remorse was not good enough, time stands still. My sincerity was rejected, my apology fell on deaf ears.

You loath forgiveness, you curse my name. A look of judgment set's in your eye. I have blanketed myself in shame.

And there is no happy home.

Patience is lost. Hope is soon not to exist.

The war continues.

Compassion pushed aside. You would choose to resent me. God bless my enemy's.

A clear conscious is a result of confessing sins, a war breaks loose when confessing them.
Forgiveness can wait for morning, put off again for some other time or some other day.

Until there can be some kind of forgiveness.
This war will continues.
With anger boiling in rage.
While the battle may not be over,
Can we skip to the last page. With forgiveness our hero, our victor, and happily ever after.
We live as I write, as we end another night, I lay my head on a pillow next to yours without your forgiveness.
We continue to war.

Good times.


Quote by Friedrich Nietzsche

" There is always some madness in love. But there is always some reason in madness."

© 2018 Stacy Ingram vizcarrondo


Stacy Ingram vizcarrondo (author) from Norfolk Nebraska on December 21, 2020:


All has been forgiven. We have never been this happy in our whole existence together. January 12 will be our 10 year anniversary. God is good

Stacy Ingram vizcarrondo (author) from Norfolk Nebraska on March 09, 2018:

For real, time does heal

Tamara Yancosky from Uninhabited Regions on March 09, 2018:

I think that the blessing of Time helps us to forgive, as well. As time fades, so does the sharpness of the painful and hurtful memories.

Many times, we think we have indeed forgiven, but if the subject of our pain is brought back to our attention, we might feel the anger of past.

I do agree with you, wholeheartedly, forgiveness is needed. But, yes, it’s important that we first work through our anger or grievances so as not to simply be regressing our feelings, which is harmful in the long run. Sometimes we have to work through them, to get through them :-)

Thank you for your lovely post!

threekeys on March 08, 2018:

Step by step thats the best any of us can do.

Keep writing poetry:)

Stacy Ingram vizcarrondo (author) from Norfolk Nebraska on March 08, 2018:

I seek forgiveness from someone incapable of it. Thank you i apriciate the advice really i needed it.

threekeys on March 08, 2018:

Stacy there will come a time where you still may not be able to forgive but you will understand mentally how you need to fulfill the best big picture scenario for those that you cared for. You will be hurting, scared but you will approach that person/people who betrayed you deeply and unforgivably, with a olive branch.

Whether the other is willing to accept that olive branch, is up to them. But at least you know you did your best and that your forgiviness allowed you to at least initiate the offering of the olive branch.

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