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Contemporary Romantic Aspirations: Building a Different Ideal

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Not currently sure how to move on after most recent break-up

Given a task by a curiously creative relative who loved to write

To create a tale about modern day romance and how it relates

To how men and women interact in the current climate

Kay and Mike were the gold standard for a certain generation

Nowadays, women and men can work in tandem at life and in love

A shake-up of the conservative mentality that women take a backseat

While their guy runs their lives and their finances; not always the case

Dealt with women being the breadwinners, while the men ran the homefront

And it worked for them; one particular case has lasted 38 plus years

Sure, they drove each other bananas at times, but it still worked nonetheless

Hollywood loved to remake romantic tales on both big and small screens

With some varying results that either pleased or annoyed masses

Cynics still believe in falling in love, but not the greeting card persuasion

When it comes to present day romance, it still existed in different forms

Women loved chivalry in all forms; they just needed to be some respect

In this day and age, women can pay their own way and still like doors held

Enjoy running the show in their professional lives; equality in private

Public displays of affection with hand holding and hugging their partner

None of this over the top showcases that demonstrate neither party

Was secure enough to trust the other before they left each other's sight

Being accommodating of your partner's needs; leaving yours on backburner

Happened every so often, especially when sickness came into play

A true testament to any love story was when a couple went through

A major or minor health scare or illness that could either strengthen

Or tear apart the fabric of their union to pieces by accident

Without meaning to do so, just happened

No matter how much times have changed, love still played a big part

In how people evolved as a race and either grew up or ran away

Everyone in a relationship wants some respect and a little tenderness

Honesty when doled out in diplomatic fashion face-to-face

No hiding behind a phone or computer screen to speak your truth

Sure, unions like Kay and Mike's wasn't perfect but still strong enough

To weather just about anything the universe threw their way

Trying to live up to their standards of how partners should work together

Embrace each other flaws and all as they either moved forward or away

Laughed at their sometimes stale dad jokes or they accepted your tendency

To talk too much as a movie plays on television for the first time

Love never meant limiting yourself to a certain way of feeling

Enjoy the ride, wherever it takes you and your future partner

Could be to permanent, or short lived bliss.

Hard to say; just sit back and let the experience be your guide.

Holding hands is a strong sign of affection that never gets old.

Holding hands is a strong sign of affection that never gets old.

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