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Contemplating Moves

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Wondering what to do as

the day changes into night.

Wanting to leave the past

behind and define her future.

Wanting to see where she

is to go from here.

Not knowing where she

is destined to be in

the end of her journey.

Knowing what her destiny

is, but not whether she is

still supposed to follow through.

Thinking about what she

knows that she should do

but knowing that what she

wants is something different.

Tossing aside all of the

grief to face her reality.

Leaving behind the fear

to face the music of what

is finally in front of her.

Showing herself the path

she is supposed to take

compared to the one

that she would rather take.

Believing in the love that

she was taught was

supposed to come so

naturally when the time

was right and the stars

lined up just right for her.

Staring into the sky and

watching the moon illuminate

the ground around her

showing her the multiple

options that are laid

out in front of her.

Illuminating her options

as if trying to show her

that it is okay to choose.

Seizing the moment to

inspire herself to move

to make a choice,

but all she can do is

stand there and watch

as others found their

way and she just

stands there contemplating.

Knowing that sooner

or later she will have

to make a choice.


© 2020 Emily