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Construction of the Disney Dream

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You are born (inside an onion) at the pedestal
of this staircase; —when you derive
consciousness, you find absolutely nothing
around you, except this staircase.
Years and months pass by, and you slowly
begin to ascend this staircase: the steps you
pass — they disappear! You can not go
back. The more you move upwards, the less
your chances to go back to your original
location becomes.

Just when you felt losing your consciousness,
and falling from the staircase: a door
on your left side emerges out of a misty
shroud — you open it by its handle —
and encounter the Disney Dream (cruise

You enter the cruise ship (the fingerprint
scanner detects you); a personnel takes you
to your room. You become a permanent
resident of the ship.
Years and months pass by, but the ship does not
move from its place, it stands fixated on a
point, as if by the power of a colossal magnet.
Other passengers do not seem to be bothered
by this stagnancy; they enjoy the food, the
joy~rides, the theaters, the games, the bars,
the shows, the plethora of facilities and
amenities on the ship. But this stagnancy
bothers you.
One day, you intrude into the captain's cockpit—
You waste no time, and directly charge her:
"Tell me, why don't we move?",
"If you want to move, you will have to build
a duplicate ship", the captain answers.
After this conversation, you decide to go back
to the staircase—
You begin to observe carefully: your fear
turns out to be true: the staircase is infinite
in its nature on the upper end.
You decide to take the risk, and you start
to go upwards; you discover more doors—
and all of them show you better opportunities.
You even find cruise ships that do move!
You keep on ascending the staircase nonstop
for 10 days. On the 10th day, a door appears
on your right side: you open it, and encounter
a ginormous supercomputer. This
supercomputer is the renderer of all the places
that you have visited since your birth.
You pull its plug, and kill it.
(After you have done this, you find yourself
in an apartment in Manhattan. It's 3 p.m.
of the noon, and you had been dreaming.)
You turn on the Microsoft Surface Book laptop,
and google "Buy a ticket of the disney
dream" keywords.

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