Conspiracy Theory Called Life

Updated on October 20, 2017
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I have been writing poetry, fiction and short stories for many years and have completed a book of poems. I also enjoy comedy writing.

Conspiracy Life
Conspiracy Life

Isn't life confusing?
Each time we settle and make a pull they put back the fuse in.
Day to day, new problems, yet no practical and fair solutions to come
They give us security, while taking away our freedom.
Why the need for armies, are we so hostile to each other
Surely it's not to defend our district against aliens, those are fairy tales my brother
How wicked, experimental vaccines on third world nations
Corrupt governments frightening the public with health lies on radio stations
9-5, 5-9 what are your slave hours again?
Yet you can't afford to live, how does that make sense again?
Come now Mama, it's time to get up off your knees, leave the floor be
Sit with me under this tree
Come now Papa, take your self up and move away from those drugs
You are playing the game they want, when you call yourself a thug
Gang signs, blood stains and fast life
Murals decorate the walls, Gone too soon
Stupid gangsters destroying their own lineage acting like baboons

Black president, white president, the puppet master remains the same
Blood for profit, there is really no change in the game
Sons suing mothers in court, after she carried him for 9 months
I bet she wish she did otherwise when she conceived, he would not be able to pull that stunt
Water supplies being poisoned and released to a minority group
While some supremacist make moonshine in woods, waving the confederate in loops
Who really is the king of drugs, the real king of dope?
Hey you! Stop calling that agency's name, It surely isn't them. I hope.
Media creates fright in our sight, fear in our minds and hate in our hearts
So let's all shout Terrorist and just finish tearing this world apart
The one percent, sit high, looks low and tap wine glasses
While chem-trails of dormancy poison the sheep-like masses
Waters above our heads, the sky is falling! So says chicken little
Earth and humans are a Jar and a pickle

Land raiders, genocide creators, matching the snow

Foreigners to a land yet telling other people to go

How hard is it to reconcile our differences and shake each others hand?

I guess, ego, greed, hatred and deceit will block that, after all. a man is just man.

© 2017 Clive Williams


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