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Conspiracy Reality

I have been writing poetry, fiction and short stories for many years and have completed a book of poems. I also enjoy comedy writing.

Black Sun

Black Sun

Diamonds in the firmament, some say stars

Moon lights at night

Fake moon landings, astronauts in water on earth, pretending to be afar

The sun shines in our atmosphere, yellow, hot and bright

The black sun is present, day or night

But may not be seen with your naked sight

Three circles not two, well now you know

That this world is not a big bang theory, there is intelligence at work to show

Waters above, who put it there?

They say God’s footstool, so he must have a chair

Inner earth beings, people just like us

How will you get there? A next topic to discuss

Weather machines, flying ships creating storms and rain

Destroying countries, depopulation to gain

Presidents are friends, they are part of the same team

To Police the people with their one world order regime

So why vote if you are never really free

You have no say in how you really live, but fighting is hard, so many leave it be.

Children suing parents in court and winning cases

Preprogramed humanoids being substituted for real faces

Blood over intent

Whose soul will be lent?

Little children being sacrificed and devoured

Kings and queens adding spaghetti sauce to the ribs of little Howard

Trillions being spent on the militaries, to fight our daughters and sons

Remember, only the elite benefit from the ammunition and guns

Who is the real morning star? There is no evil in light

Graven images hang in homes, calendar with model posing white

Oh wise owl, what secrets do you hide?

Tell me what's behind door number 33, is it skulls and bones inside?

Recycled flesh, from baby to death, from death to birth

Energy creators powering district Earth

Smart Tv's and dumb viewers

Being programmed through sight for many hours.

Escape the bubble

Scale the wall

Escape the trouble.

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