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“Connection”- Ishita Bose


Have you all felt it before too?

Or is it just me?

Sitting down on a rainy day,

Bewildered as one can be,

Longing for someone who you’ve never met,

The more you think about it,

The more funny you feel it is.

This feeling makes me think,

Makes me think hard,

An overwhelming rush of emotions for someone,

A strange urge of protection and possessiveness engulfing your heart,

A feeling far more delicate than you’ve ever known,

Sitting by the window you still wonder.

‘What made me feel this way?’, you ask,

Was it those bright eyes or the radiant smile?

Was it the humorously cute behaviour or the soft words of comfort?

Was it just the softness or the strong persona?

Or was it just a sudden connection?

Sometimes your soul knows you more than you know your soul,

It might seem weird as to how are you not familiar with yourself,

But aren’t we all walking a path of self growth?

Sometimes our soul just knows our requirements,

That’s why even in such a situation,

We can’t leave our admiration behind,

A wordless connection that translates beyond words,

Sometimes just one look is enough to click,

Sometimes just trusting that connection is what we need.


Ishita Bose

© 2020 Ishita Bose

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