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Confusion We Create

It Is Because We Try To Make Our Dreams To Become Reality

It is easy to get ahead of ourselves

To get lost in fantasy and totally forget reality

There is a fine line we can cross

That makes everything we do frustrating

Balancing our outside life and our inner desires

They shall not always meet

Taking responsibility for our choices

Organizing our time properly

Neat note taking is a neccessity

I have done a horrible job at both

Improving every day

Taking my faults and picking them apart

Like blueberries off the vine

There are many

I see through all the errors

Can't wait to make them better

Like blueberries I can't wait to taste everyone

Bringing out the goodness

If left on the vine too long

The birds will eat them

They will fall off

They will rot

So even a good thing can turn bad

We have to be constantly on our guard

This will not only make us better

But give us room for change

That may be needed

I believe things do happen for a reason

So if we can take that experience even if it is unpleasant

We can find a way to poke a little fun

In the end make it right

© 2021 DREAM ON

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