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Confusing Emotions

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Loving you has come naturally,

losing you will tear me apart.

Not knowing what the future

holds has me mesmerized.

Tossing aside all thought

of anything that has happened.

Knowing that none of it

can be changed or redone.

I have found what I want

but of course it’s impossible

to have because of where

things stand right now.

Looking into the eternal

glass I know that I am

not alone in any of this.

Sure you are not here

and never can be

but I know what that I

am not alone thanks

to how you treat me.

Torturing myself with the

same thoughts, things I

cannot seem to get out

of my head at all.

Losing myself in the pain

and emotions that I

have tried to keep buried

deep within myself.

Emotions that I should

not feel or even think

about because of how

things are right now.

Emotions that have to

stay buried because I

am too vulnerable to

fix them right now.

Things that I should

not be feeling no

matter how much sense

it may make to me.


© 2020 Emily