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Confused With A Touch Of Understanding

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We Live In A Fast, Fast World

It only gets faster

There is no slowing down

Fast track or off track

Moving forward or being left in the dust

I always loved old westerns

So seeing rolling dust balls is nothing new

I would wait till the dust clears

I am still standing

No holes that I can see

I am not bleeding

I survived another day

Not so fast

Sunrise comes and here comes trouble

Nightfall follows and more bad things can happen

I throw all this out the window and look for the bright sunshine

Then at night I sleep to the sound of crickets chirping

Maybe this is a bit old fashioned

When you like it so much

Why change

Unless you are forced too

Now you have to wear sunblock when you go out in the sun

Don't forget a big hat

To prevent skin cancer

Something you can't even see

The morning dew that would cheer me up

The little drops of moisture that managed to water all the grass, plants and trees everywhere

Now I hear the cars engines

The beep of a horn and the flashing lights of a school bus

Change they say is a good thing

I love some changes

Even though I resist others

I love putting a cup full of blueberries in my glass of water

That's a good thing

I don't like as much the constant need to go bigger and better

From asking for a receipt for your purchase

Now they don't give it to you unless you ask

They can e-mail you a copy

I have to read my important e-mails from Jodah first

Now more e-mails to confuse me

The constant new information that changes everything I thought I knew

What to believe

What is fake news

I guess we each have to decide for ourselves

Sometimes I want to forget it all

Curl up with a good book

Watch the old shows like Bonanza, Mash etc..

Call it a day

The next day nothing gets done

Here we go again

I guess the best way is to take one step forward and do our personal best

Accept what we can change and embrace what we can't

That has to be good enough

For all those people that go with the flow

Move with the speed of light

God Bless you

You are a wonderful delight

© 2022 DREAM ON

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