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Confused Clouds


The clouds are confused
They don't know
Where to go
Without any map
There is no one to guide them
There is no one to direct them

They don't even know the purpose
A purpose of their wandering
Why they are wandering
What they are supposed to do
They want to know the aim of their never ending tour
They keep on changing their shapes and colors

Seasons come and go
They play with every season
They do enjoy the change
They roam in the sky
With that one question in their minds
They keep on searching the purpose

And when the monsoon comes
They rain
They get transformed into the drops of rain
They come down on the earth
They keep their ego aside
They kiss the earth

And their new journey begins
They meet the rivers
They flow with them
After a long tiring voyage they meet the sea
They merge into the ocean
And the process starts to become what they were

One more time they fly up in the sky
To become clouds again
With a promise to come down again
To meet the earth
To meet the ocean
We are also confused

We too want to know the purpose of life
We keep on searching
We keep on wandering here and there
To know the purpose of life
We do our duties
But that one question always remains in our minds

Some of us get the answer
And the most of us remain confused
And one day life ends
We leave the earth
With some answers
And some unanswered questions

We leave with lots of memories
We leave behind our loved ones
And a trail of the footprints of our existence
We start our journey towards the heaven
And the voyage of life starts all over again.


© 2020 thoughtsprocess