Confessions of a Guilt Ridden Designer Label Drama Queen

Updated on June 20, 2018
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Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 12 years.

Recovered from a severe plunge down a remarkably deep well

Battered, bruised and fictitiously stronger than ever

Survived a personal nightmare of coming to outer rims of danger

Only to appear stronger than ever your average Avenger

Don't tell Captain America or Black Panther though

They might get jealous of your newfound survivor's empowerment

Climbing up an endlessly steep Mount Kilimanjaro

Only for it to turn into rapidly disintegrating rubble

Before it became nothing but a pile of Tidy Cats kitty litter

Chased off by an army of calico cats making some natural deposits

Grossed out by the sights and smells coming out of this mound

Once unattainable and now nothing but a cat's paradise

Where they become a live action Garfield of humorous sorts

Debated how it was possible to end up in such a precarious spot

Not entirely sure that the recovery from the fall was as swift

As it first appeared to be on the surface to the world at large

Possibly just a fa├žade to make up for disappointing and betraying them

Broke a few hearts and caused some sleepless nights for those closest

Wondered if their trust could ever be earned back or lost forever

Worked impossibly hard to be the best employee in the universe

Earned a well-deserved promotion to only find new pressures

Being in a higher ranking stature with mounting responsibilities

Was it a mistake to strive to such heights that it's hard to live up to?

Falling apart at the seams of numerous daily routine tasks to tackle

Unable to be Superman and Wonder Woman at the same time

Not faster than a locomotive; especially when the cops catch up to you

Too clumsy to carry the golden lasso of truth and run at the same time

Femininity not a strong suit at this juncture of the week

Trying to bottle any potential emotional liability in the Cover Girl finish

Terrified to express what feelings are bubbling up underneath

Afraid to expose the fragile confidence and meek personality

Rather throw out sarcastic comments and goofy faces instead

A few slaps on your boyfriend's gluteus maximus and a playful kiss

To shake things up when things get too serious or awkward

Showing strength and minimal weakness for to avoid appearing too pathetic

Fed up with keeping up this phony display of control

Ready to toss the Cover Girl and the synthetic grin out the window

Done trying to always swallowing the pride and the hurt

Need to convey what's in this emotion filled caldron

Instead of letting it boil over once again at an alarming rate

Avoiding turning love into hate; and into Investigation Discovery fodder

Let the truth come to light whether everyone wants to hear it or not

True test will be to see who left standing when dust settles

Only time will tell if that's really the case.

A cat's paradise multiplied by a thousand.
A cat's paradise multiplied by a thousand.


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