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A Confession (After Three Years)



A Confession After Three Years

She knew him for a while,

And can still remember how he smiles.

Though years have gone by,

She can still recall her memories with him completely.

The first time she met him was immense,

She can’t believe that she felt something that made sense.

The first time he saw her, she knew well what his eyes portrayed,

Something he can’t hide from her as soon he passed the airport’s doorway.

How he spent time with her in a special way,

Like asking questions and sharing random thoughts even on manic Mondays!

Kept laughing at jokes that they only could hear,

Even other people are looking at them, they didn’t seem to care!

But the time had come for him to say goodbye,

It’s a new memory for her that will standby.

He assured her that he will come back,

Because of that, her moments with him always played back.

A year has passed and his promise was fulfilled,

But she was quite confused if she would be thrilled.

Situations have changed where she is already committed,

To someone else, she thought worthy of her future to be shared.

It’s time for him to leave again,

He left with no assurance if even a friendship could begin.

She didn’t care if she would see him again after a year,

She wished that her memories with him would disappear.

She had reasons to stop her thoughts of him,

Still, she can’t get rid of them when the night starts to dim.

She desired her feelings for him would grow,

But there’s a lot of complex things on her mind she wished she all know.

More than a year has passed...

But this year, she is deciding to be free from the relationship where she’s trapped.

Not because of reviving the memories with him on her mind,

But this time, for her own good so she has to decide.

He came back when the season was hot,

A different ambiance to explore the place where they first tried to give it a shot.

On an unusual day, he met her again…

He was stunned and can’t help looking at her over and over again.

Another day has passed…

He knew she is unstable with the current relationship she’s at!

So, he advised her to leave the guy

The same advice he told her on the first year they met.

She felt the happiness of what she was told by him,

But she doesn’t want to have false hopes on him.

He hasn’t confirmed anything yet,

So, she won’t risk her heart without knowing where to bet.

Few days before his flight…

They tried to enjoy the rest of the night.

In a loud and crowded area, she finally heard.

After a very long time, he finally told her what he really felt.

She can’t believe what he just said,

“I already have a crush on you…the first time I saw you three years ago…”

Her mind blew that she struggled to put everything back to her head.

It left her speechless, but their eyes are talking and the night went slow.

It’s time for him again to say goodbye,

But this time, both of them have a lot of sweet memories to go by.

She doesn’t know if a time would come,

A time he can be her Adam.

She knows it will not be the last time she will see him again,

If that day would arrive, she will surely be glad.

Whatever that day might bring to them,

She is trusting that everything will be according to God’s plan.

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