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Condolence Poem

Rest In Peace Master Mark


If indeed heavens exist

Then no doubt we'll meet again

If true love existed,

Then for sure you were truly loved

If life was ever found painful,

Then no doubt your demise was

We are so restraint to say goodbye

To whose game you were a master,

Someone whom age didn't matter,

For indeed through your laughter,

We learnt of the essence of a smile,

Through your struggles with a strong face,

We learnt never to give matter what

Sometimes we ask whether we'll find the comfort,

The strength, the capacity to endure the pain

Yet at that particular time,

We are reminded of what you always were.....hopeful.

So in hope we rest,

As the rest we leave to God,

We know you are rejoicing with the angels Mark,

From the family, the many friends you left behind,

your classmates and the whole fraternity......

We all wish you to rest in peace,

Till we meet again bro. wambani


The joy of being a dad

To the genius of our time..... LULU


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