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Computer Problems What A Pain In The Butt

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What I Can And Can Not Do

My technical skills are limited

So if it more than just putting in a different password

Then I am shoot out of luck

A day to relax and to my surprise

Suddenly, have computer issues

That make my temperature rise

All is not lost

My wife is on break

She is working from home

Like so many other people

Her company decided to keep working from home

The way of the future

Like it or not

My wife likes it

I miss her

She was my company to and from work

So as I see how this day pans out

I like to pretend I am an old miner searching for gold

Panning away in a local stream

Knee deep in water

Hoping to stake my claim

Ouch that smarts

I caught my hand on a sharp piece of metal

As I toss the metal aside

Only to find it again

That was stupid

I should of just took it out of the water

Well sometimes we don't think

Actually, we think but don't think smart

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