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Complicated Female

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

When it comes to the different gender roles

Women often get the short end of the stick

Stereotypically deemed the weaker of the sexes

Wearing their hearts on their sleeves when it comes to love

And nursing a truly broken heart at the hands of another

While men are forced to bury their emotions to keep going

Believed that playboys heal quicker by rebound dating

Meaningless relations with brainless creatures

With nothing to offer in the space between their ears

Ladies who do the same thing just like Miley Cyrus

Deemed vacuous and not allowing themselves time to heal

If a woman waits too long before dating again

Others believed them to be a spinster in training

That mourned too long over their not too recent heartache

Hard to say what's better: bouncing back quickly or at a slow pace

Every woman who has ever been dumped by someone

Only ones who can determine when to take the next step

Comfortable enough to fix the shattered pieces

Letting someone in through the front door this time

Not trying to follow society's rules or timetable

Believed that the ladies of the world get a bad rap

Bear the fruits of childbirth and get demonized

When they don't want to accept that responsibility

Pressured into taking a backseat while men do what they will

Annoyed that aging male rock stars can still procreate in their 70s

While their female counterparts get looked upon as shrewish

For not taking on that mantle when they had the chance

Some aren't built for motherhood based on choice and circumstance

Society needed to stop with these pressing misconceptions

Before more girls are forced into being a mother well before their time

Or their ultimate choosing to take that first step

Not all aspects of life lead to a white picket fenced lifestyle

Time to give that pipedream a rest for good.

When is it safe to move on without being judged?

When is it safe to move on without being judged?

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