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Mariners Complex - Poem.

Sebastian has been a lover of words for almost 5 years. Writer of novels and poems with the dream of publishing them on paper someday.

You took my sadness out of bounds
Sending it away from my wind and my boat.
Mistaking my healing for my weakness.
Telling me I couldn't make amends for my sins.
I know it can be hard
To avoid the fact that we're all screwed up in some way.
In the depths of an ocean I never managed to make out, there my complexes live.

You lost your way, but I can't mend your path or steer your sails.
You blinded the sea in black and white, I can't color it again.
Why? You painted in static me too, I can no longer function.
Sad but in red like fire and blood that pain spills.
I have complexes, and they are rotten.
But, God, can't a guy like me try again?
If you look far off in the distance, you'll see me.
You'll see me doing the best I can.

Think of that, of all the things that make us mortal:
The depth of the burning in my chest in the distance,
in the pain that immobilizes and chokes us.
We crash, still seeing the stone that struck us beneath the storm.
We cannot become oceans, nor mend our boats.
We are lost, but soon we will find the lighthouse.
We do not know where we are; let you return to your shores.

I am the sailor who steers in the midst of the seas; but this is the first time I have sunk myself.
I cannot save myself from this drowning, but I can save you from this grief.
Don't lose sight of me and take my hand,
We'll sink, but I can pull you to safety.
I will be your guide and I will also be your sacrifice.


© 2021 Sebastian Guagama

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