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A Compilation of Bagua and Fibonacci Poems

Timothy is a Christian who enjoys creating visual art and writing. He has a B.S. in psychology.


A Compilation of Poems

I love to write short poems. I think they are harder and more mind taxing to create. Here in this article are my three favorite type of short poems to create - the Bagua, the Fibonacci and the Tanka style of poems. The Bagua and the Tanka poems are based in martial arts and a Japanese style of poetry. The Fibonacci is based on a mathematical equation. I hope you enjoy all of these poems.

Bagua poems

In the Martial arts style known as Bagua the numbers 64 and 8 make regular appearances - such as in 64 hands form which consists of 8 lines of 8 moves. The Bagua poem uses the same form 8 lines of poetry in two stanzas of 4 lined using 8 words per line. The result is a 64 word poem.

I Miss The Hugs

I miss the hugs once able to give

I miss the hugs once able to get

When given wiped away some of the stress

Which comes along during this thing called life

For now we must stay some distance apart

No hugs can be given away or received

I‘ll treasure the day when hugs do return

I’m able to greet with a warm hug

Big Mac

What a sandwich is the famous Big Mac

Two buns, two patties a few select topics

The memories of my youth loved the taste

Now is different, nothing is as it seems

Life then doesn’t equal tastes and smells now

Things change but still try holding onto past

Cause the past felt better than the now

But life moves till we reach the end


I'm getting so tired of being so tired

Stuck inside for oh so many long months

As the television idly drones on and on

While I’m waiting for the world to reset

I’m ready to get up and move again

To open up the doors seek my release

To breathe in some fresh air once again

Bask in the warmth of the coming spring

Walking Along The Water

Walking along the water toes in the sand

Breathe in salt air think about life again

Cause there is something about the fresh air

Which helps your mind to open and clear

Maybe it is because you feel so carefree

When you’re strolling along down by the sea

The cares in this world seem to cease

Walking along he water give me such peace

The Only Message

Jesus has no hands, but your two hands

He has no feet but your two feet

He has no other voice but your voice

To lead all those who have gone astray

You’re the Gospel message the unwritten, unspoken word

If your type is crooked, keys get stuck

The message will be unreadable a little blurred

Meaning there will be many who haven’t heard


Fibonacci Poems

A Fibonacci poem, is a newer form of poetry, which is based on the the mathematical equation known as the FibonaccI sequence where each number equals the sum of the previous two numbers before. In poetry this translates to syllable count by lines or 1/1/2/3/5/8 for a total of 20 syllables.

What Is Love?



When two

Join together

Deep inside the heart

If true it will not be broken

A Gift




In small ways

Sometimes they’re bigger

But always given out of love




The best

Maybe not

Trying your hardest

The one who actually wins




In life

Don’t equal you

Must rise above the mistakes

Become the true person, the one you truly are

Sowing Seeds




Plants the seeds

The good or bad seeds

Depends on heart of the sower


Tanka Poems

Tanka poems, a type of Japanese poetry, is a set pattern of short poetry. The poems run 5 lines with a syllable count of 5/7/5/7/7 for a total 31 syllables.

Here are 5 Tanka-esque poems. I call Tanka-esque because they may be in the true Tanka pattern but not the strict structure or form.


Easy to get lost

Finding your way back is hard

So the key in life

Be sure the path you’re now on

Is the right one for your life


One thing is for sure

Your life is going to change

In big and small ways

Each day you go about life

So get yourself ready now


Love can change all things

But it must be sincere love

From deep in the heart

Spread out to all those you meet

In order to change their life


Only together

Can we all expect to stand

Helping each other

Do more than if all alone

So come together right now


Life in a wasteland

Livin’ in a world gone mad

Trying to survive

Each day is so much harder

But what choice do we all have

© 2021 Timothy Whitt

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