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Compatible Destiny’s Coupling #3

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But this lady would not allow him to leave and she has to locate the young man’s mother

For his father has died when he was in the final year. His mother comforted the lady and told

Her that she will speak with her son. She invited her son and talked to him but he insisted

That he is not responsible for her pregnancy. This continued for a while and when the

Lady sees that he is not ready to accept the pregnancy she consulted the cultists in the school

To help him deal with him, but when those cultists get to him they let him go for he has been

Of immense use to them for years. That was how the lady lost out. After the dust of

This has been settled, he does not want to be romantically involved with anyone again

And his focus has been just graduating from the institution, but one day the story changed

As he went to his friends hostel room to while away the time and ask of some

Questions about the assignment given them. On getting to the house, he finds a lady

There, and he was thinking that the lady was the new catch of his friend because his

Girlfriend too has dumped him, his’ happened two weeks after his own. Life must

Continue they had told each other and had been talking to each other on the need to

Forget the past for it means that the ladies were not meant for them, for assuming they

Were meant for them, they would not leave them. Because they are passing through

The same thing at that point in time, they had been close, to be encouraging themselves,

For if they do not encourage themselves, no one would. Other friends of theirs’ would

Theoretically talk to them, only few people could talk to them base on their experience

On something related to this. Thus, he was thinking he was his latest catch, after all, he

Was also introduced to a lady and others, and assuming those had worked he would have

Forgotten the lady who broke his heart. As he is thinking about her, he is praying that

This would work for his friend and his case will not be like his’. But he was mistaken as

His friend introduced the damsel to him as one of his cousins who has recently moved to

The island and has gotten his address from his sibling. On hearing this, his antenna

Picked a new signal pupil dilate and his face brightened. He moves closer to her after

Had a warm handshake with her, and they started playing in the room, talking about

Why I Love You

Different things. From there he gets his phone number and they continued their

Acquaintance after the lady has returned to her apartment at the center of the island.

One thing which the young man notices was that whenever the lady pays him a visit

He will receive surprise calls from people, his family members, friends who will

Transfer money to him for they do not want him to suffer. He has been noticing this trend

And he started being suspicious, something is wrong somewhere, maybe this lady is

A sorcerer, or possessed, for according to the culture of their land, that is how sorcerers

Used to do, they will be currying favor and other things along the paths of their spouses he

Reasoned. She must be possessed of the devils of wealth. But those people are dangerous

As good as they are so destructive they could be he said to himself, and while he could

Not contain this thought within himself, he shared this experience with his step brother, who

Is older than him and the person told him that “that is what is called compatible destiny’s

Coupling”. When two people who have been ordained to be together from the world

Beyond eventually met with each other and come together in the world, they begin to do

Incredible things, what people think is impossible to be achieved, they will achieve it, their

Coming together will always bring to them what they are lacking, even without their

Knowledge because their forces have been spiritually Mutual, they have been connected well

Before they are physically connected. If you ask her, she will tell you she is experiencing the

Same thing his step brother told him, congratulating him that he has been comforted by

The gods of the island who has found his dealing with the lady who dumped him to be

Genuine and brought to him this new lady. It was after hearing this that his mind comes to

Peace with himself. The lady’s mother calls for him, imploring him to handle her

Daughter well for his father died when she was incredibly young, and she has been the only

One in her hand. He promises to do always remember her words and take care of her

As his younger sibling. Soon after this meeting, he graduated from the University and

Applied for a scholarship to study master’s abroad he was given a full scholarship and he left

The island with his spouse….


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