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Compatible Destiny’s Coupling #2

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Miss Deby Ibiwoye, and other University Students in the Laboratory.

Miss Deby Ibiwoye, and other University Students in the Laboratory.

They have on countless number of times decry this, but the management does

Change. So many students have been negatively affected by something like this, and

There are some students whose grades have been changed by lecturers when they

Fulfilled the terms of those lecturers. Year in year out have students been marveled

When they discovered that some students who are not worthy to graduate are allowed to

Graduate while those who are exceptional are being held back by missing scripts and

Grades, and when those students want to talk, they would be cautioned by their peers

For fear, they may not let you graduate from this campus, they will tell those who want to

Demonstrate or complain about their grades after getting to know them at the final year.

Thus like the song of a late singer, that says, “suffering and smiling” students of this

University have been suffering and smiling, basking on the word that when they get to

The field they will prove themselves. This was what happened to this young man too as

He discovers that some of his scripts have been missing, and this prevented him to

Graduate with his peers at the time he ought to graduate. In the meanwhile his spouse

Graduated after her graduation she will come around to play with her spouse for a while

Encouraging him until she stops visiting her. Well the young man thought it is because

She has secure job and the pressure of the work she is doing was the reason why she could

Not pay him visit like before. However he notices that she has also been avoiding his calls

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And would also not call him back after he calls. He decided to know what is

Happening by traveling to see her where she lives. After welcoming him she takes him

To a restaurant telling him that it is all over between them. That he ought to have seen

The handwriting on the wall when she was no longer answering his calls neither call

Back and to cap it all she has changed her number without informing him, he ought to be

Wise enough to know that she is telling him that everything between them is over, and since

He has failed to understand the simple signs which she thought he would understand

As a learned person, she will not hesitate to tell him with her mouth she said. After saying

This she carried her handbag and left the restaurant. The young man sat still not knowing

Whether he is dreaming or it is a reality. He did not know how he gets out of the

Restaurant and while returning to where he is lodged on several occasions had vehicles

Been dodging him, for he has lost it, and those people will tell him that he should go and

Die at home while some will say, he has just run mad, the rate of madness in this island

Is now alarming, while some would say when our young people will not stop to take

Hard drugs. She gets home and the person he puts up with notices his mien and he knows

That the lady must have dumped him. He talked with him into the night that he should

Not kill himself for that, for such is life. He will stay there for two weeks before his friend

Allows him to leave his place. On getting to the campus, he was yet not himself and people

Start talking to him that he should get off that stage, but he would not easily because of

His love for her. Then his campus friends arranged a lady for him with whom he started

Going out. But he was not happy with this new lady, for she is “popular jingo” on campus

She is gotten different boyfriends on campus, and other men friends. He started thinking

That he will soon contracted Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) from her because

She likes unprotected sex. Then he starts withdrawing from her, starts to seek for another

Lady. In the process of seeking for another lady, this lady comes up with a theorem that

She is pregnant for him. The young man says he will not accept her pregnancy for he is not

The only one she is having sex with.


Popular "jingo" is a term used among the students to show that someone is popular on campus.

The word "jingo", is derived from "jingle", when the bell is jingle it is loud and attract attention, that is why they call popular person on campus "jingo" meaning he or she is attracting attention.


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