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Compatible Destiny’s Coupling #1

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After the civil war, he relocated to the south west of the island and started a new

Life there. His wife whom he married before being recruited as a soldier for the

Island could not wait for his return again, for people have been saying since his

Husband has not been writing to her like others it may mean that he has been slain

At the battle field, thence, his wife was betrothed to another man. It took this man

About 16 months before he could be discharged from the force, for he wanted to

Finish everything before moving back to where his wife is and they start living a

New life. On getting to the island, where he left his wife, he was told that his wife

Has married another man because she was not sure whether he is yet alive. This

Pained him greatly because he has been saving things and had denied himself

Interacting with other ladies on the battle field, even the enemies who want to lure

Him he never gave in to them. He was talked to by his father that he should forget

Her and take up another woman. For the love he has for his wife, no lady was

Appealing to him in the island until he relocates to the far west of his island and

There he started a new life, gets married to another woman and they were happily

Living together. After thirty years of their marriage and the man was 80 years

Old, the woman starts to misbehave, and this prompted him to take another woman

The woman was being victimized by the elder wife, which makes the man to file

Papers of divorce for her. After their divorce they started living happily and the

Woman was obedient to the man in all respects, for she was seeing her like his father

She gave birth to her first child who is a male. She brought the child up very well and

The child is very brilliant. However, after finishing his High School, he could not

Secure admission into university immediately, and his father had to send him to go and

Learn how to repair computers for it has just been introduced into the island and there

"Waging War" By CeCe Winans

Is yet prospects for it, apart from that people have told the man that technology is

Taken over the world’s stage and anyone who knows anything about computer would

For an exceptionally long time be reaping money. The young boy started learning this and

Because he has been brought up very well by his mother, he soon found favor with

His master who handed over everything in his office to him. During this process he

Continues to apply for admission until he secures admission into a university extremely far

Off the island. His father was elated for this that he did not let the dream of having

A degree die in him. A year after this he meets with a lady in the institution, few months

After coming across each other, they became romantically involved. There were cultists

In the university which the lady was very afraid of because of how they used to ruthlessly

Deal with ladies, thence, he started living with this young man. The young man was a

Respected young man on campus because he used to repair their laptops at a ridiculously cheap

Price and when they get to know that he is going out with the damsel, they started

Protecting the damsel and would not harm her as they had been doing to other ladies on

Campus. They continued in this estate such that everyone on campus knows them as

“Campus Couple”. Several departments have given them the “Best Campus Couple”

Not excluding some other social groups on campus. For whatever reasons that could not

Be stated by the lecturers, some of the first-year scripts of this young man got missing

Thence his grade could not be documented. The sorry case of the university then was

That the results of the students would not be released until those students are in their

Final year.


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