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Compartmentalized Living in a New Age

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Due to recent events, started to examine how entanglements complicate

Even the most simplistic of arrangements into drawn out negotiations

A contract that literally had to be hammered out into a stone tablet

To solidify all of the talking points so that no one will forget any of them

Deciding to renege on any of the finer elements on a whim or spite

Work and home lives blended together in the dining room turned office

Made it impossible to not eat dinner in front of the television

Watching mindless reality programming based on lack of new material

Separation of church and state no longer an option this year

Pandemic pushing work and home lives into the blender to stay

Transformed into a complexly and sometimes inedible smoothie

One part healthy and two parts fast food laden trips to the drive thru

Used to think that it was convenient to combine certain elements

To make your life easier and less pressure fueled in given moments

This year I simply wish to keep things separated into tiny little boxes

Where nothing intersected and escape was as easy as snapping your fingers

Once resented my latest ex for keeping me separate from everything

Didn't realize that feeling until much later in the game though

Unsure if that was by accident or by pure intent on their part

Too much time has passed to fully examine the mentality

Of someone completely exorcised from your once tight knit world

Wasn't my intention to force myself into their inner sanctum

Just out of convenience for their already stress filled existence

Fully aware that their tension came from too many balls in the air

Flying off in different directions and landing in the wrong time zone

Not my responsibility to help organize the mess that they made

Washed my hands of the situation finally to my surprise

Hanging onto the last gasp of dismay based on lack of social life

Against the rules to hang out with anyone new based on CDC guidelines

No new material to eradicate the stench of the past just yet

Biding time and hanging onto the notion that better to keep on going

Healthier to look forward and not what was behind me

Once and for all; ready to wash my hands literally and figuratively

Of the idea of blending anything and with anyone for the time being

Much safer that way to focus on one thing at a time.

The current version of the new normal.

The current version of the new normal.

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