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Companion (A Narrative Poem)


JayDee grew up watching and reading fairytales. She also has been writing poetry since she was 12.


Penny Lee had all this love
For a sweet little pet,
At this point in time, she didn't mind
Any animal she could get,

Upon entering the pet store
So overwhelmed she became,
Seeing the variety of choice
To be lost was not her aim,

Puppies with little-wet noses
And kittens with fluffy tails,
Hamsters like perfect cotton balls
And fish with colorful scales,

Parrots that can talk
and guinea pigs peaceful and calm,
Gerbils grooming their tails
And an intricate ant farm,

Penny Lee was at a loss
She simply couldn't pick,
The fact that she wanted them all
Made her choice hectic,

But upon looking around she noticed
A sort of glass box,
Could be an empty aquarium
And it looks like it has a padlock,

She carefully approaches
Resistant to what she may find,
Some wild, vicious beast
Or something gentle and kind,

The closer she got
A scratching she could hear,
Her nerves in a knot
As she looked into what's causing her fear,

Penny felt so silly
for the fear on her that fell,
It's only a baby tortoise
Walking around in his shell,

The shop owner walked up
"I see you have met Leo,
He's only been here a month
And no one wanted him so,

He has a lot of spunk
For just being a baby
There's a reason we have a lock
He climbs out like crazy,"

Penny wanted to ask why
Why didn't no one want him?
When a little kid comes by
and peers into the aquarium,

"Ewww look it's a monster"
His criticism trails,
Then his sister came after
"Look at his ugly nails,"

"Can I touch him?"
Penny asks the shop owner,
To which she happily unlocked the box
And Penny's hand began to lower,

Leo wobbles his way
Over to Penny's open palm,
Then he carefully climbs into it
And sits perfectly calm,

And when she would take her hand out
And not put it in again,
He'd stand on his two little legs
Leaning on the glass he'd remain,

"Well I think you're kind of cute"
Said Penny Lee,
"I think you are perfect
For my family,"

So from all the animals
Leo was packed to go,
Penny with all her love
Finally gave him a home,

No longer would he be unloved
No longer would he see that empty aquarium,
For he is now with Penny Lee
His forever companion.

© 2018 JayDee


JayDee (author) from Dubai on October 22, 2018:

Partially. God bless

Elijah A Alexander Jr from Washington DC on October 20, 2018:

What a love story filled with compassion which is something missing in so many people today.

That wouldn't happen to be a real story about your deciding on a pet would it? It is written as if you experienced that or you observed someone else making the choice.

Thanks for sharing.

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