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Community Haiku

My name is Jamie Lee Hamann and I started sharing poetry articles back in 2013. Every year I share a poem a day in April.


A Haiku Workshop - Why Attend Workshops?

I worked at the hospital around the corner from the gallery. A small warehouse space across the street from the ER and the parking garage where I parked everyday for two years. I never thought an art gallery would open in this part of town.

I parked my car in an empty lot.

I prepared myself for an early Sunday morning and sat in the drivers seat for a minute or two to finish my coffee. I was excited. I was headed to a Haiku workshop.

Ten years ago Reno did not have such an active poetry scene. When I used to read in the city there would be a poetry reading at the same coffee shop on occasion. If you were lucky you would have a chance to read at a bar. Last year, around this time, I heard an advertisement, on the radio at work, for a reading at the Holland Project near Wells Street.

When the night arrived I drove to the Holland Project directly from work. I was still in my scrubs as I read a few poems. That night opened my eyes and heart to a local poetry group. "The Spoken Voices Collective" organized readings monthly along with workshops and a youth poetry slam team.

Miracles happen when you least expect and the Haiku workshop was a small miracle. I may of drank too much coffee and rambled on for awhile but it was such a rare moment, to sit in a room of poets. A community of poets that gather to read from our notebooks or to talk shop during a workshop.

Community Haiku

My kids bicycles

lie among the leaves rusted

in my small backyard

every sunny day

lies upon the horizon

many silent truths

ochre rusty wheels

interweaving of color

of some childhood dream

sometimes a lake calls

out of depths to the swimmer

remembering waves

Christmas lights remain

among the constant clutter

my eyes remain closed

© 2018 Jamie Lee Hamann