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Red Dawning and Coming Armageddon

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Have the enemy already landed now, right before our eyes,

Can we assume we're safe and secure, worry to disguise?

How long has this been planned, its fruition to be complete,

We all could see it coming, that's the word out on the street.

Our enemy has been at our gates, as long as we remember,

They have no regard for seasons, in the month of December.

As we've all slumbered, keeping freedom's days encumbered,

Soon we each may see strange uniforms march unnumbered.


Is there an inevitable Armageddon looming on the horizon,

Can its happening to be prevented only by a compromising?

The destruction of us all, our mighty nation lost, its downfall,

People around this world in Hell's fires hurled, to be the call?

A deliberate division of the world, our own country's decision,

Religious disregard and the taking of rights with all precision.

The racial hatred spread so far and wide, all peoples to divide,

A global war seems so near, causing so much fear, to coincide.


Only by the help of our God in Heaven, miracles to receive,

Our world's peoples shall be saved, and if we all do believe.

There is a greater strength than that of any Satan, a power,

The creator of a beautiful rose, His awesome might shower.

He can give to the many and He can take away, as his ability,

The destruction of all evil forces, protect His own is a certainty.

History has proved that His goodness overcomes all evilness,

Holy scriptures are a record of his wonders and grand success.


Please take heart, America and all the people of this earth,

Our Lord and Savior have saved us each, is for our worth.

We are all His creation, is only He that has the right to say,

This decision will be as so, surely as night to follow the day.

Unlike those who would spread lies, as such a false agenda,

There is truth in all that's to be, overcoming every pretender.

A magnificent maker, a God of all to be, and is forever more,

No matter a place His smiling face, seen from shore to shore.