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Comforting and Reassuring

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The Power Of Feeling Good

Touching all the bases

Relaxing with ease at anytime

A deep sense of security

Taking deep and full breaths of air

Giving my mind time to unwind

Any thought that comes in my head

Send it out with a blessing of someone we love

My body feeling calm

The stillness of being quiet

My heart beating silently

The light from outside reflecting off the snow

Giving off a radiating glow

My own kitchen a maze of objects I never clearly seen

I sit with heated warm towels around my head and back

To enhance each sensation

My own eye lids flutter one last time

My own skin is foreign to me

Even though it covers three quarters of my body

Each body organ also a stranger

I am so internally grateful for all the services they provide

It isn't long that I have to return to my daily routine

Back to errands and chores

Obligations and work

This time together was most enjoyable

We will have to return again and again

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