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Comfort Dreams - Free Verse Poem

Rinita is a creative writer, with focus on poetry. She delves into several forms including Haiku/Senryu, Sonnets, Free Verse, and Prose.


This is a poem about that time of life, when falling in love with someone is the truest feeling one can experience. It is about the feeling that transcends social boundaries of wealth, education, and so on. Years later, these remain in the mind, or come back, as the most comfortable dreams.

The Poem

Walking barefoot on the summer grass

Of my old varsity quad

Falling in love with the frivolous fall

Letting the first flakes of snow

Caress the tear-laden cheeks

I have nowhere to sleep

Yet I cherish the dream

He makes a penny or two, selling cans

Dawn till dusk he roams on foot

Burns the midnight oil, at the library

Where my assignments pile up, peeks he

Through the dusty books, our eyes meet

I have no more to write

Yet I rhyme my words

We gather around warm tea, giggling girls

He is the one man, we all have eyes for

It matters not he is poor, we all are

We secretly hope, rather I, he cares

I sing, until my heart beats a melody

I have no more music

Yet I tune-in my harp

There is no food, nor a stone bed

I walk all night, knock on his door

It is sunrise, he is heading to work

I enter, he stops, and denies his departure

His mother gives me an apple to eat

I have no more hunger

Yet I savour the sour fruit

Our eyes meet across the bare room

The feeling wordless, but no cares

He sees me to the door, sans goodbye

It is the beginning of a new end

I am left to cry, dry, and return

I have no home to turn to

Yet I know the heart where I live

© 2018 Rinita Sen

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