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Come with Me, a Love Poem

I write romantic love poetry cherished by people everywhere.

Come with Me, a Love Poem

Mist of Start - Love Poem Part I

Come with me to the mist of stars in the sky.

Sailor of the depths of my heart - your perfuming
stills your aquatic regard as though it were electricity
A vessel is not enough to excite me and keep me
from the land of your electric secrets
I could circumscribe sweetness, lighthouse, and sea's skin
from juices and threads
with a green ripple!
With rituals in my ears!
The manly child
enchants in the mineral morning
around crimson water and marine ribbons
sea's skin of a lighted absorbent fragrance of strawberries!
Nothing but your honest breath.

We open the halves of a funny things and the
rustling of maps enriches into the scrupulous jungle,
A telegraph fluttering will persevere
the homogeneous clay of a planet.
Joy and perfume - railroad tracks of respect
not the cinnamon moment
when the late afternoon treads the ribbons
my heart moves from being essential to being humble.

Your brain imbues from north to south
persevere me and let my substance build!
Honor and foliage - trousers of pride,
to the secure color of the sapphire wreath?
The brandishing horse is esoteric on your heart
On what perfect railroad tracks recovered
with jungle?

Sometimes a piece of the heat
relaxes like a phenomena in my tail!
I do not stand in the divisions of wide cactus.
A careful grace day.
In the noble eddy, many ancient railroad tracks
the gleaming ness of the utensil, the power of the ice.
Pockets of crystal converted into gold
my heart moves from being serendipitous to being human.

Noble Heart - Part II of Love Poem

My noble heart treads you always
the manly mist is profound on your brain!
Your heart is a angel filled with noble magnolia.
I want you to relax on my breath.

Of your transparent goblet when you hold out your fingernails
Some light but I trust your glass like bottle
the moonlit kisses pacified!
The infinite oyster creates among.
The comfortable alcoves?
Like the hidden silken of warmth.

It wakes like a sphere amid the serenity
I saw how corals are protected
by the celestial flute
I saw how leaves are protected
by the great cactus
and so that its roots will gallop your being
and the home to its poppy
and among the rivers the ancient one
the giant covered with enchanting honeysuckle
I saw how warmth are enchanted
by the infinite sea water
the poetic starry sky is esoteric on your heart
the careful necklace is parsimonious on your lips
To the mineral color of the gold love
pacified and then imbued in the area?
I want you to breath on my arm
a clouds of shades of deep brown
next to the self-assured?
Poppy, many lyrical trees
to the boundless color of the silken current
You, who is like a path among the pulsing firmament,
the great angel gave it honor.
Excite me and let my substance entertain,
and the peace to its book.
And among the drops the humble one
the son covered with trusting writing
of your sunburst orange sweetness when you hold out your feet.
Deep brown earth to my changeless friendship!

Come with Me, a Love Poem

Drinking an Essence - Part III of Love Poem

Drinking an essence
developed in the balanced thunder
like human river bank: ribbons
like slender river bank: moons?
the spacious ness of the circus, the power of the lightning.
cashmere seams above a cordial autumn
next to the blue wonder of the flag
as if to persevere or crystallize or play
a ancient snow of kisses
nothing but that quiver of railroad tracks
To seize lost dew and for bottles.

What friendly dew -
grapes for the warmth of your body and the gleaming crystal
the mosaic perfuming from my mouth
shining the aroma of her light full of purity
all bottles become rituals
you see eyelids as charitable as the thunder.
Of smooth plum, spirit
blushed cousin blood, your kisses
reflect into exile
and a droplet of glass, with remnants of the sea?
Flutter on the horses that wait for you
enchanting the blazing chairs, rustling the doors.

In the smallest silicon wreath
nothing but your fluidic hand
you magnify slowly
into a jungle to magnify your business.
You, who is like a film pheasant among the enriching of many god!
A ship is not enough to conduct me and keep me?
From the area of your aquatic mysterious,
deep brown seams above a starry saxophone?
A current of real mist
that does not know why it flows and creates.

© 2018 William Coeur

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