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Come Clean the Rivers.

Poem. Every rivers are the pride of the nation.

Come someone come.
Come with me.
Let's save the rivers.
Because the rivers are crying.
That's, getting contaminated.

Environment is incomplete,
Without rivers.
Rivers are polluted,
That's, the country is losing its beauty.
Please, save the rivers.

Come clean the rivers.
Because there is life in it.
Many creatures are dependent on him.
If there are no rivers, than,
Perhaps , there is no beauty of the country.

Don't throw the smell of houses in the rivers.
Save rivers from factory chemicals.
Every river is a beauty.
Feel yourself.

When you are sitting under the shade of a tree.
A rivers is flowing nearby.
With you be your sweetheart.
Feel what a beautiful sight it will be.

Day by day this world is losing its beauty.
Whose fault is it after all.
What a human.
Someone is definitely guilty, but who.

Everyone keeps quiet.
Everyone keeps watching.
Be it the beauty of the country or whatever.
Every just watches.

Just think how much love the Lord has made,
This world would have been created.
And what are humans doing?
Wasting it, sorry.

Rivers are proof of a running stars.
O world, listen to the groan of the rivers.
Is calling, dear human.
Save us.

Rivers are the decoration of the world.
Rivers are the heart of the world.
Rivers are the dance of the world.
Rivers are the childhood of the world.

© 2022 imranali9759

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