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Come on Body Don't Fail Me Now

I Just Want To Get Out Of Bed

My back is stiff

Probably, it is from....

No, I know what it is from

Standing all day yesterday

When I am on my feet too long

I pay for it

There is no doubt about it

My knee also can be a jerk

I try to stretch both out

I begin to talk myself through it

That's alright

The more I do

The sooner I will get done

Groans and sighs

Dropping things and having to bend down to pick them up

I focus on the birds outside

Hopping around looking for breakfast

You never hear them complain

Out there every day

Long before me

There bodies are a lot smaller

They had to deal with the cold winter

I begin to stretch

Lifting my feet instead of a slide and shuffle

I begin to rub my arms and my shoulder

Sore they be

I am not getting any younger

Then again I have had years of activity under my belt

I am seasoned like an old frying pan

Ready to do my best

Now my eyes go from slanted shut to wide awake

A few deep breaths

What is this beautiful air in my chest?

My wife asks can you do me a favor?


She wants me to grab her something in the other room

She says thank you

Your welcome

I do it out of love

It is easier for me to get it

Even though I am not feeling my best

So with breakfast inside my body

I am ready to get dressed

I put on my fancy clothes

Not true

Why must I lie to you

I throw on my work clothes

So I don't have to change later

I hear my wife struggling to open a bag

She gets so frustrated so easily

Come on

Hear we are in our mid fifties

What happened to us?

What will we do?

When we are in our sixties, seventies and eighties?

Then we have the sacred nineties

If we are really blessed we can make it to 100

That is a feat to achieve

After that you are on a roll

Who knows how far your body will go

I hear my wife talk quietly to herself as she is making her lunch

I can't imagine making lunch every day for kids

Like Alice on the Brady Bunch

Three boys and three girls

All those lunches every day

I hear her prep herself

Alright now

As she finishes putting her plastic containers together

One stacked on top of the other

She struggles to make room in our refridgerator

There is no room

I say let me look

My wife reminds me

These containers can not tip

After a little rearranging

I close the refridgerator door

What did you do?

Never mind what I did

They all got in there

I am afraid to open the door

I smile back at her

We heard a fire engine siren

Slowing down as it went bye

That isn't good

It means that it could be someone close in the neighborhood

I didn't see where it went

Down the street I think

Well, this is the beginning of my day

A light rain has sprinkled on the deck

I still have a odd cough

I started taking honey every morning

Allergy season is coming

I like to be prepared

The teaspoon of natural, local, grown honey

Keeps my nose from running and my eyes from watering

I like homemade natural remedies the best

So whatever is ailing you

Don't let it get under your skin

Share it here

Set it free

It might not go away

But, you feel better

Let go of the bad

Remember the good

I do this while I am eating my cereal topped off with fresh blueberries

My wife said I left presents for you

How nice, she left more dishes in the sink for me to wash

I smile and hold back my laugh

How did you did you sleep last night?

My wife asks

Good, I got about six hours

My wife got one more hour than me

Now I ready to go

I am almost done with the laptop and it is all yours

My wife opened the refridgerator door

The almost empty ketchup bottle plopped on the floor

Are we done with this?

Can we throw it out?

I reluctantly said

We should of used it last time we used ketchup

There is a little left

Why waste it

I squeezed it in high on the top shelf

I will use it next time

My wife sighs and then lets out an uhg

i come back with a sincere and honest

I can't see wasting it

Even if it is ten cents worth

My mother and father reminded me for years

How hard they had to work

Once you pay for something

If you throw it away

It's like throwing money away

Some habits I have adopted from my parents

My wife sighs

I know she is wondering if it is worth all the effort

I think good habits shouldn't be changed

My wife tends to disagree

That's how this husband and wife

Live happily

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