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Come Home Soon - A Poem

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Rozlin loves composing poems. Writing relaxes her and is a great fun. It connects her with her inner self and with the wider world.

Aaj jaldi ghar ana... buss rastay main houn.  (Come home early today... just on the way.)

Aaj jaldi ghar ana... buss rastay main houn. (Come home early today... just on the way.)

About the Poem

This poem is inspired by the dialogue in the picture above.

Aaj jaldi ghar ana...

buss rastay main houn.

Dialogue in the picture is in urdu language. First sentence is transliterated in English language and second sentence is written in urdu language.

English Translation is here:

Come home early today…

Just on the way.

This dialogue is used by almost every household. This sentence is not just a dialogue. It’s a feeling for the person you love and care. You have a unique strong bond with them. This sentence or dialogue is said by a mother to child, child to parent, spouse to spouse. Early morning, they live home for school, work or play. But at the end of the day, you want them to come back home. Because they are the vital part of your life. You share your life with them. You live for them. Happiness is when they are back home. They are the coolness of your eyes. You are not able to have a peaceful sound sleep unless they are home.

Such small yet everlasting moments we forget to observe and be grateful for.

Come Home Soon

I said, “come home early today”.

You said, “I will try, okay”.

I smiled.

You left home timed.

You were in my mind all day.

I’m all ears, you are on the way.

I live for the day and then

To see you again.

The moon waits to rise

for the sun to set in skies.

I wait for you as always,

To be with you all ways.

My eyes are longing for you on intenerate,

As for you I care and considerate.

My heart wants to leap in love a lot,

By hearing a knock on my heart.

you are exceptionally

valued to me, verily.

you are as important to me

as beat is to heart, you see.

We share a bond unconditional

Strong and irreplaceable.

I’m waiting for you since the glaring noon,

Come home soon.

© 2022 Rozlin

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