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Come And Fly With Me

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Leave The Sadness Behind

We have all been there

Trapped in a place we don't want to be

Now give it a wonderful kiss good bye

It is time

To ride with the wind nice and high

Floating on dreams like a butterfly

Inspiration is our power

Our destination is clear

We are filled with love and not fear

Fly baby fly

All the things we hoped for our already here

The joyful wonders are instant

Complaining is a thing of the past

For we have been through so much

Now is our chance to recover from any pain

Goodness and richness our one

We can see

Everyone is blessed

Words like plentiful, estatic , freedom, become second nature

Welcome to the world of importance

Where all we do

Is recognized and appreciated

For who we are

How we help other people

Naturally and willingly

A world of constant change

Discovery and fulfillment

Bountiful and enormous

As each day so more pleasurable than the day before

No more lack of , in need of

The grandest of them all

Knows we have

What already is

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